P.S. – Know Thyself

P.S. Know Thyself

I’ve been working in the Audio, Video and Film Industry since October of 1990… longer if you count the time I spent in Recording Studios before I officially got into the business (after going to school). I’ve made a pretty good living NOT being famous working all kinds of jobs; with big budgets and little budgets; every position from Production Assistant to Executive Producer.

After reading my last post one might get the impression that I bailed out of that big job because I couldn’t hack it; because there were too many hours and not enough pay; that it was too hard for me. I’m gonna put myself out on a limb here and be honest. It was hard work! It was long hours! It was shorter turn-around times than I am used to! I am not going to deny any of that.

I took the gig with the full intention of hanging around for the full run of the show. I knew up front the rate was less than I normally charge, and the offset of 67 days with overtime would likely make that rate more palatable. I really thought working as a Utility would be a good learning opportunity… and it was.

What I also learned is I’m not made for that kind of work. I have always had great deal of respect for the guys who do that kind of work and wondered if I had what it takes to do it. Turns out I’m built for different stuff. I like being in the action… of a fast paced environment… driving the faders and being (pun intended) in the mix! I learned more about myself and my career aspirations in those two weeks than the entire rest of my career.

The lesson here is KNOW THYSELF. Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. But don’t forget the things (and people) that got you where your are. Looking forward to the next one… until then… Sound Rolls. Steve Baker Sound Guy

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