Location Sound



“The sound and music are 50 percent of the entertainment in a movie.”

George Lucas


“The truth is, for me, it’s obvious that 70, 80 percent of a movie is sound.”

Danny Boyle



Sound is important! Not only for Movies, but all visual media. When you are planning your shoot it only makes sense to capture the best audio you can, to ensure the success of your project. Choosing the right Location Sound Mixer for your project is just as important as hiring the right Director of Photographer (some might say more so).  So while leave the sound for your important in the hands of the lowest bidder or someone who doesn’t have the experience, gear or motivation the get the best audio possible. Steve Baker Sound Guy is a location Sound Mixer based in the Greater Boston area, but willing to travel wherever your shoot takes you. With over 20+ years of experience and a client-centric, no drama attitude, good gear and an ability to adapt to any crew and situation. 

Sound Guy Humor from a friend. ...

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What mixer HASN'T done a little mixing on the can?? ...

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Interesting project from last year. Always fun to see everything come together. ...

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