Stay Tuned!

We’re in the middle of a crazy time. Social Distancing; Productions Shutting Down; Schools Closing; All but essential business closing down. Which, for me, means no Location Audio for at least the next couple of weeks.

I’m going to take advantage of this down time to update my website, Production Staffing Site Profiles, resume, post a few more links to projects and reach out to folks I haven’t talked to in a while; and generally catch up on outstanding projects I’ve started but never had the time (or desire) to really finish. Stay Tuned

“Uncle Bob’s Leg” is a feature film I Wrote, Produced and Directed many years ago. It has been a bit of a challenge for me to finish for a lot of reasons. Mostly, because there is a lot of “personal stuff” attached to that project. The least of which is the death of my lead actor. But it’s time to buckle down and finish that one. Stay Tuned!

I have 12 episodes of a podcast called “Interesting People I know” that needs to be cleaned up published. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some interesting people in my life and took the time to record interviews with some of them to share with folks. I’ve been holding off because I really didn’t take the right approach when I recorded them. As a Sound Guy, I should have known better. I’ve been rather embarrassed about the quality of the recordings (a basic Cell Phone Recording App) so it has remained on the back burner until now. Seeing and hearing all the content that is being put out there and a review the original recordings, I’ve come to realize that, even with the less than perfect audio, the content is still interesting and doesn’t sound half bad… so look for that one soon. After these get put out there, I will consider the idea of recording new stuff… the correct way. Stay Tuned!

Hoping every stays Happy, Healthy and Relatively sane in these trying times… Wash your Hands and Do the things they tell you to do so we can all get back to work. Wash Your Hands! Keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Stay Tuned!


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